About Muddy Paws

Muddy Paws is a dog walking/ pet sitting /loving company for the greater Boston area that takes the BEST care of your pup while you’re away.

We’re dog people, and our passion is taking care of your pup.

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*We currently provide amazing pet care in Woburn, Lexington, Arlington, Stoneham, Winchester, Medford, Melrose, and many other neighboring towns. Contact us to find out if we serve your neighborhood!*

Dogs are people too.

Well, maybe not technically, but they certainly have personalities! And just like us, they have needs and desires. Dogs need to be fed to fuel their bodies. They need to run around to stretch their muscles. And, of course, your pup needs to love and be loved by other furry friends and an owner that cares for them each and every day. But doing it all by yourself is hard!

After a long day at work, you don’t always have the energy to go for a long walk. And on cold winter evenings, the last thing you want to do is freeze your bum off playing fetch. Sometimes, you just want to go out to dinner or catch a Sox game after work, but you can’t physically be in two places at once. Until science figures out how you can clone yourself, that is. Don’t worry, it’s ok. You’re not a bad puppy parent. You’re just a person and sometimes you want to say YES to all the people things!

We know. When you got a dog, you had every intention of doing all the doggy things! You picture him standing at the door waiting for you to come home. That adorable face and wagging tail pining for your love and affection! Ughhhh how are you supposed to enjoy yourself while your dog has been sitting inside all day, lonely, bored, and alone? (*Cue the dog parent guilt*)


We’re here to make your pup the priority, even when you can’t.

That’s where Muddy Paws comes in. We get it and we know you love your dog. However, we also know that you have obligations and opportunities too! You want to live your life AND provide a happy, healthy life for your pup! You want to stop feeling so guilty when you can’t get home in time to take your dog for a walk. And, when you travel, you want to go on vacation and rest assured knowing your furry friend is in good hands. Muddy Paws has walked thousands of dogs in the greater Boston area. Our team is currently 27 dog lovers strong and comprised of top notch, trustworthy, trained, professionals (all with flawless background checks!). We show up as scheduled, will help you out if you’re in a bind, and are all about customer service. We’re here for you (and your pets!).

Muddy Paws is about more than dog walking. We’re about taking the BEST care of your dog. Much like you wouldn’t leave your kids with a random person off the street (we hope), we wouldn’t expect you to leave your dog with just anyone either.

Muddy Paws doesn’t just take your dogs for walks, we take them for adventures. We don’t just watch your pet, we welcome them into our homes. And, we don’t just provide a service, we provide INCREDIBLE service!

The Muddy Paws Difference

Muddy Paws believes

  • Pets are part of our families. They deserve the best care and to be treated with love and respect.
  • (Most) dogs are meant to be socialized; they want to have fun with their furry friends! We make it our mission to bring dogs together so they get the {exercise they need and the interaction they crave}.
  • Having a pet should be sweet, not stressful. We want you to love your time with your pet, not stressing about what you “should” be doing with them. We take care of the shoulds so you can have enjoy your time together, work without worry, and rest assured that your pet is happy, safe and cared for.

Want Muddy Paws on your team? (Of course you do!)

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We’re here to make sure your dog is well taken care of so you can let go of the guilt and enjoy your time away. We want you to be able to enjoy your life and know that your dog is having an awesome time too!


We are fully insured and bonded.

Our business is fully insured and bonded.  Our sitters and walkers are background checked.  TheDog Walking And Pet Sitting Insurancey are responsible, reliable, and experienced.   And, best of all, they are pet lovers!