Benefits Of A Dog Walking Company!

Why Hire A Dog Walking Company?dog walking company

You decided to hire a dog walker for your little buddy, yay!  But who?  It seems that everyone these days claims to be a professional dog walker so how do you choose?  Your dog is a family member and you want to make sure you choose the right fit.  Before making a final decision, you should read why you should hire a dog walking company.

Benefits Of A Dog Walking Company

Always have a backup in place

Having a specific person caring for your dog is beneficial; you trust them and they are an extension of you while caring for your dog.  However, life happens and that means that ‘your person’ is going to need a day off here and there.  They get sick, go on vacation, experience car trouble, or could have a general emergency pop up.  Then what?  And what happens if they decide to no longer walk dogs?  (GASP!)

Well, if you hire a professional dog walking company, they will worry about how to cover your dog’s walk – not you!  They will make sure that another background checked, experienced, and reliable dog walker of theirs takes great care of your dog while you (and your primary walker) are not able to!


We live in a sue-happy world.  It’s sad really, but it’s reality.  What happens if your dog bites another dog while on a walk?  Who pays?  Or what happens if your dog is injured on a walk?  These situations are rare, but they do happen.  And when they happen, they are EXPENSIVE!  Insurance is crucial for businesses to have and dog walking is no exception.

A professional dog walking company carries LOTS of insurance.  They should have liability insurance, bonding insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance.  Liability insurance will cover injuries to your dog, an oncoming dog, and oncoming people while out on a walk with their walker.  Bonding insurance covers your personal assets if anything were to go missing in your home.  And worker’s compensation insurance will cover your dog walker if they slip and fall on your property.  Talk about peace of mind!

Work as a team

When you hire a professional dog walking company, you hire a team of dog walkers!  The individual dog walker gets to know your dog best and learns his likes, dislikes, personality, and quirks.  When your primary dog walker is unavailable, the substitute walker (who has more than likely met your dog with your walker at which time they relayed all pertinent information about your dog) will have access to the necessary information in order to provide seamless care while they are filling in.

Ongoing Training

A professional dog walking company is invested in its business.  And good business means, great customer service.  One way companies strive to surpass customers’ expectations is to provide ongoing training to its employees.  Ongoing training consists of dog behavior skills, communication skills, dog walking techniques, tips on how to train a dog, and many more.  With a team of people, there are lots of resources to tap into.  It’s an amazing thing.


Another huge benefit with professional dog walking companies is they offer lots of conveniences to you.  Not only will they walk your dog, when you are not able to, but they also offer convenient ways of scheduling the care that you need.  A good dog walking company will have a scheduling & billing software that allow you access to your account.  This means that you can schedule services via a mobile interface – no more phone calls or emails and you will get a confirmation with your schedule so that you know for sure it went through.

How many times have you needed to add on a walk at the last minute or needed to cancel a walk at the last minute because you were home sick?  It happens and the logistics of adding/canceling can be a pain in the you know what!  If you have access to your account, you can make those changes easily.

More Convenience!

And with a convenient scheduling and billing software, you also have access to your billing & invoice history.  Have you ever paid a bill and wondered if it was applied correctly?  My guess is yes!  But did you actually follow up with the company about that payment?  Maybe not…and my guess is that you thought it would take too long to get someone on the phone and have it sorted out.  Well, if you have online access to your account, you can log in (24/7) and check yourself.  How convenient!

Do you still write checks to make payments?  Some people still do, however, most people don’t even have a checkbook anymore!  Having an online account means being able to make electronic payments easily – modern technology – it’s a wonderful thing for busy people like yourself!

Do Yourself A Favor & Hire A Dog Walking Company!

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The moral of the story is that a good Dog Walking Company will, of course, walk your dog while you are not home, but they also offer MANY advantages for busy pet owners.  If you want to hire a true professional, do yourself a favor and hire a professional dog walking company like Muddy Paws who is experienced with different breeds, insured, bonded, provides a back up plan, offers an impressive scheduling software, and a convenient billing system.  After all, your dogs are your babies and they deserve the best care you can give them, even when you can’t be there!