4 Benefits of a Mobile Nail Trim Service

Muddy Paws Mobile Nail Trims

Did you know that dogs need their nails trimmed approximately once a month?  And did you also know that cats need their nails clipped approximately every 2-4 weeks?  Nail trimming is a dreaded task for most pet owners. Most pets don’t like the process and the owners fear the dreaded task as well.  Where there is fear, there are mistakes!  Don’t put your pet in jeopardy of cutting their nail(s) too short.  The best way to handle nail trims is to hire a pet care professional who knows exactly how to comfort your pet, get them to be cooperative, and can cut the nails to the appropriate size.

The Muddy Paws staff is experienced in the art of nail trims.  We understand that nail trimming is different for cats and dogs and we have the necessary experience to handle a variety of breeds and personalities of both dogs and cats.

What are the benefits of the Muddy Paws Mobile Nail Trim Service?

  1. Convenience

We will schedule the service according to your needs.  Because Muddy Paws offers a Mobile Nail Trim Service, we travel to you.  We can trim your dog or cat’s nails while you are at work…or while you are out to dinner with friends.  Pet care just got that much easier to handle!

  1. Time Savings

Our mobile nail trims require our pet care professionals to go to you.  You don’t have to worry about commuting to and from the vet or groomer.  Think of all the time it takes to bring your pet to the groomer, wait for the appointment to be over, and then drive back to your house.  You could be doing so many other things!

With the mobile nail trims, you don’t even have to be present for the appointment.  In fact, we would prefer you go out and leave the nail trims to us.  Your pets will undoubtedly be less stressed if you are not present (see #3).

  1. Less Stress

Most dogs hate getting their nails trimmed, some tolerate it, and almost no dogs enjoy it.  And 99% of cats abhor the process!

Some pets need to be muzzled or sedated to get through the process without biting.

No matter what your pet’s opinion on nail clipping is, having it done in the comfort of their own home is definitely easier on their stress levels than having it done at a vet’s office or being at the groomer’s.  They can relax on their bed, ‘their’ couch, or better yet, your bed!

  1. A Happy Pet Makes A Happy Owner

Muddy Paws can help take the stress out of nail trims by providing this service in the comfort of your pet’s home.  Rather than dragging your pet to the groomer for a trim, we will go to you, it’s that simple!  And because Muddy Paws is a pet care professional that provides home visits, you don’t have to schedule the nail trims around your schedule.

And who better to cut your pet’s nails than their personal pet care provider?  No more feeling bad or feeling guilty about that pet is unhappy.  We got this!


Muddy Paws prides itself on being a reputable pet care provider where the majority of our new customers are referred by existing, happy customers!  Our Mobile Nail Trim Service is a natural progression of services being offered.  We know how much our clients, both human and canine/feline truly value this service.  We are excited to provide even more exceptional pet care.  And we welcome you to trust us with your pet!  Ready to reap the benefits?



How Does Pet Care Relate To My Pet’s Nails?

Nail trims are essential for pet care

As pet owners we want to make sure we provide the best pet care so that our dogs and cats are happy and healthy. We love them so much and care for them as if they are one of our children.  We do our best to provide them with the necessities to live and we spoil them with all the extras that we can!  Part of our pet’s care consists of basic grooming; brushing, bathing, and keeping their coat under control.  The most important grooming task that some pet owners forget about is keeping your pet’s nails trimmed.

Did you know that keeping their nails trimmed improves their quality of life?  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  But I can assure you that it does!

Just think about how uncomfortable your toenails can be if they get ‘too long’.  You can feel pressure on your toes with each step that you take.  The longer your toenails get, the more pressure and discomfort you feel.  Your pets are no different.

Long nails are not good for pet care
These nails are TOO long!

If your pet’s nails get too long, they can experience the following problems:

  • Nails can tear which can be painful and/or become infected
  • Pets can walk incorrectly due to long, painful nails which can strain their leg muscles and even strain their back
  • Nails can grow directly into the pads of their paws – can you imagine walking with a toenail that has grown into the bottom of your toe? OUCH!
  • Dewclaw nails can grow directly into their leg which is very painful and can cause our beloved pets to become aggressive
  • Pets can actually become clumsy as long nails can throw off their traction and cause them to slip

Knowing the problems that long nails can cause, you are probably wondering how long is too long?  Well, if you happen to hear clicking as your dog walks around the house, then their nails are likely too long.  Try pressing your dog’s toe so that the nail is fully extended.  If the nail curves beyond the toe pad, it’s too long.

If you see tears in your couch or curtains from your cat, those can be indications that your cat needs their nails trimmed.

What To Do About Long Pet Nails

The easiest way to avoid cutting your pet’s nails is if their nails are filed down naturally.  A great way to help avoid cutting your dog’s nails or stretch out the time in between trims is to take him/her on daily walks on a hard surface.  The benefits of taking your dog on a daily walk keep getting better and better!  If you don’t have enough time to walk your dog daily, hire a professional dog walking service such as Muddy Paws!  Muddy Paws provides dog walking in Woburn, Melrose, Medford, Lexington, and many more towns!  We offer a variety of walking services and have a convenient scheduling system.  Learn more about our services and get started today.

For cats, the best way to naturally wear down their nails is for them to use a scratch pad.  There are a variety of these products on the market for cats.  A customer favorite seems to be the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy.  It seems that every cat we visit has this toy or something very similar!  If you are in the market for a new way to spoil your cat, try a scratch pad.

In conclusion, active dogs (and playful kitties!) tend to keep their nails at a healthy length as they wear them down on their walks, but most dogs do need regular nail trims.  And, unfortunately, the majority of dogs do not like having someone touch their nails, never mind with strange objects like a nail clipper or grinder!  Knowing what you can handle is very important.  Anyone can technically cut nails, but being overzealous or inexperienced can lead to big problems.  Don’t be afraid to seek help from professionals.  They are professionals for a reason; let them do what they do best.  If you are looking for a mobile nail trim, Muddy Paws can help you in that area as well.

Happy Trimming!