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Imagine having a reliable, trustworthy, caring pet sitter for your dog. POOF! Wish granted. (That was easy, right?) You got a dog because you LOVE ‘em. You imagined going for long walks, snuggling up on the couch, and having a buddy! And that happens… sometimes.

The thing is, when life gets busy, pet care gets complicated. Maybe…

  • Your dog is inside all day and you KNOW he would love to go for a walk. You just can’t leave work and make it happen.
  • You’re going on vacation and want to know that your dog will be in good hands. You don’t trust the neighborhood kid and don’t want to leave him in a kennel.
  • Figuring out a care plan for your pet has been a nightmare! You’ve had walkers cancel at the last minute (or not show up at all) and you don’t feel great about letting strangers into your house.
  • You have a thousand things going on and while, in theory, you’d love to take your dog for a walk when you get home, the reality is you really just want to lay on the couch and relax!

You’re a great pet owner. You want the best for your buddy. You also want to live your life without stressing about having to walk the dog! Because you can’t clone yourself, you need pet help!  So get Muddy Paws on your team. Then, you can rest assured knowing your pet is well cared for. We’re a team of animal-loving professionals who are here to make your life easier and your pet’s life spectacular (yes, even you will be envious of your dog’s days!). Whether you need your puppy to have quick relief visits, a dog who needs some fun, or a quality pet sitter while you’re on a trip, we’ve got your back.

Muddy Paws believes that coordinating care for your pet shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, we use  amazing software that allows you to effortlessly schedule services for your pup ahead of time or at the last minute! (You’re welcome!).

Once we discuss your needs, we’ll:

  1. Teach you about our app! It’s simple to use and allows you to
    • Interact with your walker directly so if you have any last minute changes you can communicate quickly and efficiently
    • Receive photos of your dog on their outing
    • Schedule walks, outings, and future boarding in seconds
  2. Set up a meet and greet so you and your dog can meet the (friendly, trusted, background-checked) Muddy Paws Team Member that will be taking care of your pup!

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Pet care is not one size fits all which is why Muddy Paws provides options! Therefore, you can customize your pet’s care. Oh, and our services can be mixed and matched. So go ahead and choose your pet care plan and we will cater to your baby!  

Check out our options below or click here to schedule a call with us to learn more. 


dog walking and pet sitting services in woburn, MA

Dog Walking

Midday Dog Walking Options (Approx 10am – 3pm, Monday through Friday)

Quick Relief Visit

Perfect for potty training puppies, young dogs still learning to walk on a leash, and older dogs that can’t go on long walks but still need to get out! A Muddy Paws team member will come to your home and let your dog out for a relief break and take him on a short walk.

30 Minute Walk

After a quick relief break, we will take your dog in the car for a short drive and pick up some doggy friends in the neighborhood to go on a walk together! After a fun 30 minute walk, your dog will be returned home ready for a nap

60 Minute Walk

Relief break! Then, it’s party time! A Muddy Paws walker will bring your dog on a road trip to pick up additional doggy friends and then go for a 60 minute walk! This is perfect for active dogs who have a lot of energy and typically like to have multiple walks a day. Hanging with the pack and getting a good dose of exercise will have your pal prepped for cuddles and the couch when you get home!

Group Outings

Our Group Outings are the most bang (and bark!) for your buck!

These doggy field trips start with a relief break, then a short car ride to a doggy destination. The dogs will get 90 minutes of exercise which may consist of walking (on or off the leash), running, playing, and/or swimming! It’s a dog’s dream. Muddy paws for all! (Except for you, because we’ll clean your dog’s paws upon drop off!)

Group Outings are perfect for dogs with high energy levels who love to play with other dogs!

Pet Sitting

Cat Sitting

Yes, we love cats too! You know what doesn’t go well together? Cats and kennels. Don’t board your cat while you’re away! Hire Muddy Paws and give your cats the staycation they prefer. Muddy Paws will come to your home and feed your cat, provide fresh water, and clean the litter box while you’re away. We’ll even hang out and play with your cat (if she likes playing!).

Pet Sitting Visits – Custom Pricing Available

Leaving town but want your pet to stay at your home? We can arrange that. Muddy Paws will have one of our trained and background checked pet sitters come to your home to provide relief breaks, feedings, and exercise/play time for your dog.

In Our Home Boarding (Dogs Only)

Nightly & Weekly Rates Available

Heading out of town but don’t want to leave your dog at the kennel? Our dog house is his/her dog house. In our house, your dog will be well cared for like one of our own! Arrangements can be made so your dog can be with another dog (or two!) or alone.

In Your Home Boarding

Going out of town and would like your dog to stay at home with a dog-loving human? That’s an option too!

Muddy Paws will arrange for one of our pet sitters to stay at your home overnight and will keep your dog company so the boogie monster doesn’t get them! Feeding, watering, and walking including.

pet sitting in my home

wedding concierge petsitting

Concierge Pet Services

Wedding Concierge Services

It’s your BIG DAY! WOOOHOOO! You’re walking down the aisle and you want your bestie by your side! But, you DON’T want to worry about pee breaks and paw prints. Fear not, we got this! In addition to the packages below, we also offer custom packages. Click here to schedule a call with us and learn more!

Bronze Leash

A Muddy Paws Team Member will meet you at the wedding location and will keep your dog company throughout the ceremony. We’ll help handle your dog for photos and will then take your dog home while you party the night away!

Silver Leash

Your dog will be picked up by a Muddy Paws team member and transported to your wedding venue. We’ll keep your dog company throughout the ceremony, assist during photos and return your dog home afterwards. Easy, peasy!

Golden Leash

Your dog will be picked up by a Muddy Paws team member and taken for a nice, long walk before to keep him calm before being transported to the venue! We’ll keep your dog company throughout the ceremony, assist during photos and return your dog home afterwards. Shazam!

Platinum Leash

Your dog will be picked up by a Muddy Paws team member and brought to the venue. He’ll be taken for a nice, long walk before the ceremony begins to help keep him calm. We’ll keep him company throughout the ceremony, assist during photos and bring him home with us afterwards for a doggy slumber party! Woohoo!

Diamond Leash

Your dog will be picked up by a Muddy Paws team member and brought to the venue. He’ll be taken for a nice, long walk before the ceremony begins to help keep him calm. We’ll keep him company throughout the ceremony, assist during photos and then will be taken home. The Muddy Paws Team Member will stay at your home for the night to insure that your dog is well cared for while you dance the night away! Yipee!

*Pricing is based on a wedding venue within 20 miles of your home

Nail Trims

Rather than dragging your pet to the groomer for a trim, we’ll come to you! It’s that simple!

Key Pick Up/Drop Off – $15.00

Typically at our Meet + Greet we’ll ask you for a house key. If for some reason you don’t have it ready, we’re more than happy to come and get it for a small fee. The same holds true for returning keys! We’re more than happy to hold on to your key for future service but if you need your key returned, we’re happy to drop it off for a small fee.

Lock Out Service – $30.00

Random, right? One day, you may be standing in your driveway and realize you’ve locked your keys in your house. “Oh, fiddlesticks!” you shout. “Who do I call to help?” You scan your brain for an answer and realize “YES! THANK GOODNESS! Muddy Paws has a key!” Contact Muddy Paws about your predicament and we’ll be over ASAP to let you in!