dog walker and pet sitter faq

Do you have questions about Muddy Paws Pet Sitting and Dog Walking?

Hiring a dog walker & pet sitter is scary! You want to know who will have access to your home, who will be taking care of your dog. The list goes on and on. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that we are Pet Professionals and your pets will be in GREAT hands! To quickly answer some common questions, we put together a list of frequently asked questions.  If you do not see a question answered or need additional information, please contact us so that we can answer all the questions you have.

Q. Why should I choose Muddy Paws?

A. You love your pet and feel guilty leaving them behind. With Muddy Paws, you can leave the guilt behind. No need to rush back and forth on your lunch hour to make sure Brady gets out. We got this! You concentrate on your job and we will do ours.  Hiring a dog walker should make your life and your dog’s life better!

Q. Is it okay if my schedule changes week to week?

A. ABSOLUTELY! We have many customers who are always on the schedule, but the days of the week change. As a service company, we take pride in being responsive and super flexible. We are organized to handle last minute requests, extra visits, and off hours visits are not a problem. Our scheduling software is amazing and user-friendly. You will love being able to schedule/make changes to your visits.

Q. What towns do you serve?


A. Arlington




Other towns may be considered. Contact us if your town is not listed above.

Q. Are you bonded & insured?

A. Yes! Our liability & bonding insurance covers all the what-ifs that can happen when in our care. All of our employees are covered under our insurance and bonding policy. We also carry Workers Compensation Insurance for all of our dog walkers/pet sitters.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Click here to sign up. Once you have completed an online profile with Muddy Paws, we will contact you to schedule a Meet & Greet with the primary dog walker and back up dog walker.  After that is set up, we will be ready to go. It is THAT easy!

Q. Who will be walking my dog? What happens if they are sick?

A. Each service area is assigned a team of dog walkers which consists of a primary dog walker and at least 1 back up dog walker. The primary dog walker will be there the majority of the time, but the backup dog walker will be there if needed. Each team lives within their designated area so that we can handle schedule changes, off-hours visits, etc.

Q. Do you provide references?

A. Of course! We have many happy customers and encourage you to contact them about their experience with Muddy Paws. You can also check out our testimonials here and see our reviews at Google+, Yelp, and on our Facebook page.

Q. What breeds do you walk?

A. We do not discriminate by breed. Rather, we determine whether certain dogs will be a good fit based on temperament. We have taken care of AWESOME Pitbull Terriers and have come across aggressive Labrador Retrievers. We believe dog behavior is individual, not breed specific.

Q. Are you able to administer medications?

A. We have experience administering a variety of medicine to both dogs and cats. For specific questions regarding your pet’s care, please contact us.

Q. How do I pay? Can I leave money at the house for the walker?

A. We send invoices every 2 weeks via email. We accept checks and credit cards. Payment must be sent to the office or paid online, we are unable to accept payment left at your home.