Personal Pet Care Is Our Business

Personal Pet Care with Wedding Concierge Services

PERSONAL Pet Care is our business.  As a result, Muddy Paws loves your pets too much!  In many instances business is business and you take the emotion of out things.

At Muddy Paws, this is NOT the case.  We are so ingrained in our customers’ lives and it is because of their pets.

Your pets are your children and as a result, we see it all.

The Beginning

Couples adopt a puppy and we get to help them with the potty training and introduce them to new experiences.

These same couples usually get engaged.

The engagements lead to marriage and we are lucky enough to be trusted with caring for their pets while they are partying at the wedding and/or relaxing on their honeymoon.

Down The Road

We see people have babies and offer advice for how to introduce their dog to the newborn.  And we help out with getting the dog extra exercise while the new mom is busy with all the challenges a newborn brings.

We see couples separate, unfortunately.  And we are there to help with the additional care that single pet-parents handle themselves.

We see owners lose their jobs, but we also see them find an even better job down the road!

Towards The End

And unfortunately, we also experience the worst part of this business – when the pet passes away.  It is by far, the most difficult part of our job.

Snuggling cat & dog - pet sitting

We see so many stages of each family’s life and are with them all the while.  We feel like we are an extension of their family.  And that their pet is one of our pets.  It is so difficult to lose them and we truly feel the pain.

It’s Not Just Business

Our Muddy Paws team is like an extension of your family and we take your pets under our wing and treat them like our family.  We get so attached to our furry friends.

So it is not just business, at Muddy Paws, Personal Pet Care is our business.