Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking Services – for your dog and YOU!

You will be GUILT-FREE leaving the house, when you know that Muddy Paws will be coming by to let out your dog later. And your dog will thank you later for signing them up for a dog walk!

The Muddy Paws dog walking and pet sitting software lets you know when your dog went out, the business they took care of, and can even send pictures (if you allow us to)!

Finally, you get peace of mind knowing Muddy Paws will be there as scheduled. We will send you electronic journals in real time to let you know what happened on your dog’s walk. Peace of mind – phew!

Dog Benefits

Relief Breaks



Yes, your dog needs relief breaks to go potty outside. Your dog also needs to get some exercise and relieve their boredom (you don’t want your couch chewed to pieces after all), and they need to socialize with their friends and explore the world…well, neighborhood, but it might as well be another country to them!

Owner Benefits

No Accidents

Peace Of Mind


You do not want to come home to an accident hidden or in plain sight. Additionally, you hate leaving your dog home alone when you leave the house and can’t stand to think of them longing for you all day. The guilt tears you up inside. Get peace of mind knowing your dog walker will show up when scheduled.

quick relief visits are great for potty training puppies, older dogs with incontinence issues, and dog owners who are on a strict budget

Quick Relief Visits

15 Minute Walks

Quick Relief Visits at Muddy Paws are 15 minute walks. These walks are great for puppies, older dogs, and owners on a tighter budget.

15 minute walks seem short, however, we can take your dog on a lively walk to give them the exercise they need in that short window of time. Yes, the time does fly by (we are having fun after all!), but the dogs enjoy being out and getting a nice walk in during their Quick Relief Visit!

going for a dog walk with my professional dog walker

30 Minute Walks

Half Hour Visits

30 Minute Walks are the most popular walks at Muddy Paws. The dogs not only walk, but they walk with other dogs in groups of 2 to 4 at a time.

Sometimes, we take other dogs to walk in your neighborhood. Other times, we walk in another dog’s neighborhood. The 30 minute walks are 30 minutes of exercise. Any drive time is a bonus and not counted towards the walk!

dog walking services by Muddy Paws gives your dog the ability to relieve themselves, walk with other dogs, and drain their energy with exercise

60 Minute Walks

Hour Walks

60 Minute Walks are an extension of the 30 minute walks, but double the exercise time! When your dog goes on an hour long walk, they will be with other dog-friendly dogs who love to socialize as well as exercise.

Your dog will be tired after their long walk in your neighborhood or their doggie friend’s neighborhood! They will return tired and happy. Let’s face it, your dog loves to go on car rides almost as much as they enjoy going on walks with other dogs!

doggie playgroups are a great way to exercise your dog at Muddy Paws

Group Outings

90 Minutes

Group Outings are the Muddy Paws version of doggie daycare. However, we are more like a mobile doggie daycare on a smaller scale. We take your dog out with other dogs to walk, play, run, and sometimes swim!

The best part is it is a controlled environment with a much smaller group of dogs. Think 5 or 6 dogs versus 70 or 80 dogs. All the fun of a doggie daycare, but minimizing the risk of sickness (kennel cough) and fights which can result from overly excited dogs.

Muddy Paws offers off hours visits in the early mornings, evenings, and weekends so you don't have to worry about who will let your dog out.

Off Hours Visits

20 or 40 Min

Need an early morning, evening, or weekend walk on occasion? Muddy Paws does that! Whether you need early morning, evenings, or weekends, we will be there.

Many professional dog walking and pet sitting companies only provide visits during the work week and/or during the work day. Muddy Paws is proud to offer off hours visits for those times that you need extra help.

Hiring a professional dog walking service can make your life easier. It might make you uncomfortable as well. You might be wary of a stranger coming into your home or worried that your dog walker won’t show up as scheduled. While these feelings are valid, it is imperative that you do your homework before hiring a dog walker to walk your dog.

Once we discuss your needs, we will:

  • Teach you about our app! It’s simple to use and allows you to
    • Interact with your pet sitter directly to communicate with last minute changes quickly and efficiently
    • Receive photos of your dog while you are away
    • Schedule pet sitting visits, overnights, or future boarding in seconds
  • Set up a meet and greet so you and your dog can meet the (friendly, trusted, background-checked) Muddy Paws Pet Sitter that will be taking care of your pup!

Muddy Paws has been in business since 2007 and still going strong. We would not be able to continue our dog walking and pet sitting business without a strong reputation of being trustworthy, responsible, and experienced. You can count on Muddy Paws to be there when scheduled and do our job professionally. We are there to make your life easier. Put your trust in Muddy Paws and you will not be disappointed.

Contact us today or call 781-389-3427 to discuss your care pet care needs and how we can help you and your pets.